Kolkata India
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Kolkata Travel Guide

Till the 17th century, Calcutta was nothing more than a village. But, today it is one of the major metropolitan cities of India along with Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. The credit for its present status goes to the expansion plans of the European powers, especially the British Raj. Kolkata was once the capital city of British India and also the Gateway to India till 1912. It is a major commercial city consisting of big industrial plants and corporate houses. Read further to explore more Calcutta travel guide:

Calcutta India is a complete reservoir of talent. People of Calcutta are simply passionate about arts and sports, especially football and cricket. It is also known as the city of joy, where people are always full of enthusiasm and excitement. Tourism in Kolkata India is gaining a lot of momentum. People come from different parts of the world to explore this fabulous city containing magnificent edifices, constructed in a variety of styles. The best time to travel to Calcutta is between October and March.