Kolkata India
Here is provided information on the Bhai Phota festival of Calcutta/Kolkata India.

Bhai Phota

Bhai PhotaTime: October (2 days after the celebration of Kali puja)
Significance: brother and sister pray for each other's sound health and good luck

Calcutta Bhai Phota festival takes place 2 days after the celebration of Kali puja. Bhai Phota festival of Kolkata India is basically the Bhaiya Dooj festival of North Indians. On Bhai Phota, the sister fasts in the morning till she applies a tilak made from sandalwood on her brother's forehead. While doing so, she prays to God for the sound health, safety and prosperity of her brother. The brother in return presents gift to her sister. Thereafter, both the brother and sister offer sweets to each other.