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Here is provided the Siliguri city guide. Read about tourism in Siliguri, India.

Siliguri India

Siliguri IndiaSiliguri, India is one of the most beautiful places on the earth. Infact, it can be said that it is like a mini paradise. Far away from noise and pollution, this is the perfect place for those who want to get lost in the world of peace and calm. Not only it's a very soothing place, but also a real boom city. Tourism in Siliguri is on peak, owing to its extraordinary beauty. It is a major trading center for the states of northeast and eastern Nepal. Check out the Siliguri city guide and plan your tour to this marvelous place.

Women love to indulge in shopping, so it is to inform them that loose tea is the best buy in this city. Also, superb quality cane furniture is available here. For shopping, you can check out either Hill Cart Road or Sevoke Road. Due to increase in demand from locals as far as tourists, now the goods of international brands are also stocked in the markets

Excursions in Siliguri include:
  • Jaldapara: this wildlife sanctuary is the habitat of rhions, bisons, barking deer and wild elephant
  • Jaldhaka: it is an awesome picnic spot by the side of jaldhaka river on the Bhutan border.
  • Gourmara: it is another wildlife sanctuary.
  • Mahananda Weir: it is a picnic spot that is located at a distance of about 18 kms from Siliguri.