Kolkata India
Here is provided information about handicraft items of Calcutta/Kolkata India.

Calcutta Handicrafts

Calcutta HandicraftsCalcutta handicrafts sell like real hot cakes in the market. These handicrafts of Kolkata India make use of simple and easily available raw materials like wood, clay, thread, sola or spongewood, bamboo, conch-shell and cane etc. However, ornaments made from copper, brass and silver can also be covered in the category of traditional folk arts of Kolkata. Common motifs include the lotus; the sun, the tree-of-life, flowery creepers, fish, elephant, peacock, swastika, temple, mosque etc. Read on to know more about handicraft items of Calcutta India:

Here is presented a list of some popular handicraft items of Calcutta:
  • Bamboo craft: bamboo is used to make fancy fans, musical instruments, implements for farming, fences etc.
  • Cane craft: cane is more commonly used for making household items like furniture, table lamps, baskets etc. In the rural areas, fancy mats made from cane are very much in demand, owing to their attractive look and comfort.
  • Conchshell craft: conch shells are used for making beautiful bangles, armlets, rings, hairpins, lockets and many more. Conch shells also find their way in the making of ashtrays, table lamps and Vermilion containers.
  • Daruchitra: it is ancient art of engraving on wood. This craft is basically used for adorning doorframes, windows, toys, pillars, palanquins etc. Creepers, boats with the swastika, floral and geometrical patterns are the commonly drawn motifs.
  • Jute craft: jute is used for making mats, bags and sikas etc.
  • Metal craft: ornaments made of silver, brass, copper and gold are among the must buy items of tourists. Items made from metal include magnificent flower vases; ashtrays, table lamps, cosmetic containers and other decorative show pieces.
  • Sakher handi are the superbly decorated clay pots containing the motifs of fish, birds, leaves etc.
  • Nakshi moulds are decorative moulds that are made from clay, stone or wood. These moulds are mainly used for making decorative sweets and cakes.