Kolkata India
Here is given information on wall paintings of Kolkata/Calcutta India.

Calcutta Paintings

Calcutta PaintingsCalcutta is a land of talented people. People have a passion for art forms and this is reflected in the beautiful paintings of Kolkata India. There are many kinds of Calcutta paintings, namely Alpana paintings, Dewalchitra wall paintings, Gazir pat scroll paintings, Ghatachitra Paintings & Karandichitra panel paintings.
  • Alpana paintings
Alpana wall paintings of Calcutta India are very popular and are associated with the observance of religious vratas. These paintings are usually drawn at the time of Hindu weddings and annaprashana. Lotus and creepers are the most commonly drawn motifs on the occasion of Hindu weddings. Alpana uses the white paste made from pounded rice as the main raw material. For the purpose of vratas, alpana paintings are drawn using finger or a piece of wood.
  • Dewalchitra wall painting
It involves painting the images of deities on the walls of mud houses with the belief that these images would protect people from evils. Motifs include the goddess Laksmi seated on a lotus, swastika, heroes of the puranas, sheaves of paddy, peacocks and elephants.
  • Gazir pat scroll paintings
These paintings depict the life of Gazi Pir, king of tigers. It portrays miraculous incidents associated with Gazi Pir.
  • Ghatachitra Paintings
These paintings are made on the earthen pitchers. Drawings include manasaghat (snake goddess), nagaghat (hooded snakes), laksmighat (goddess Laxmi), and daksinrayer Bara (tiger god) etc.
  • Karandichitra panel paintings
These paintings have their relevance mainly on the occasion of Manasa puja. Karandichitra are made with sola.