Kolkata India
Here is provided information on the Nabobarsho festival of Calcutta/Kolkata India.


Nabobarsho CalcuttaTime: mid of April
Significance: it marks the commemoration of Bengali New Year and also celebrates the beginning of summer time
Calcutta Nabobarsho festival is celebrated to mark the beginning of Bengali New Year and the arrival of summer time. It takes place during the mid of April. Nabobarsho festival of Kolkata India has a lot of significance for all. It is on this day that businessmen take their accounts books and the statues of Ganesh and Lakshmi along and visit the Kali temple for seeking the divine blessings. On the Naboborsho, the markets are beautifully decorated with garlands, auspicious mango leaves; sola pith ornaments etc. On the eve of Bengali New Year, Charak puja is conducted.