Kolkata India
Here is given information on traditional arts & crafts of Calcutta/ Kolkata India.

Calcutta Arts & Crafts

Calcutta Arts & CraftsThere is a complete plethora of traditional arts & crafts of Kolkata. The reservoir of Calcutta arts & crafts is very large and encompasses exquisite floor and wall paintings and items made from bamboo, cane, shola, conch-shell, ivory and bell metal etc. Read on to know more about arts and crafts of Calcutta India…

Folk art represents such items that are made by the people of different communities in order to satisfy their own social, cultural, religious and aesthetic needs. To say for example, floor paintings popularly known as alpana, are made as a part of socio-cultural practices. On the other hand, there are chal chitra paintings that are made on canvas for religious purposes but they also serve as means of livelihood.

Arts and crafts of Calcutta can be broadly classified into the following categories:
  • Painting: floor painting, painted pots, wall painting, tattooing and other body painting, fancy dolls
  • Embroidery: nakshi pakha, nakshi kantha & handkerchiefs
  • Weaving: nakshi shika, baskets, fancy mats, fancy fans & flower vases
  • Engraving: metal works, wooden products & terracotta slabs
  • Inlaying: ornaments inlaid with pearls, gems, diamond and other precious stones