Kolkata India
Here is provided information on the Asiatic society of Calcutta/Kolkata, India.

Asiatic Society

Asiatic Society CalcuttaAsiatic Society of Kolkata, India was founded by Sir William Jones, the Chief Justice of Supreme Court, in the year 1784. Infact, it is the first edifice that was constructed on the Park Street. The basic purpose of Calcutta Asiatic society is to spread eastern education. The society brings out its own journals on a periodical basis. Anything that falls under the purview of Asia is covered in the society's journals. 'The Asiatic Society' was termed as 'The Asiatic Researches' in its initial journals.

Some of the popular scholars who have made an incredible contribution in writing on varied subjects for the journal include William Jones, Charles Wilkins, Nathaniel Trassi Halhead, Henry Thomas Colbrook, John Herbert Harrington, and William Carrey. Asiatic society is like one big reservoir of books and manuscripts. At the inception, the society focused mainly on collecting scientific and archaeological material. Presently, it contains a good collection of books and manuscripts on various Asian languages.