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Here is provided information on the crafts bazaar/Bazaar of Calcutta/Kolkata India.

Crafts Bazaar

Crafts BazaarTime: January
Venue: Calcutta Maidan
Significance: it helps to bring in light the products of poor craftsmen and other loom based weavers

Crafts bazaar is one of the most popular fairs that is held in Calcutta in the month of January. Most of the Kolkata fairs including Calcutta crafts bazaar is held at the Calcutta Maidan. The basic aim of conducting Craft Bazar Of Kolkata India is to provide a parlance where small-scale industries and other poor craftsmen can get an opportunity to display their products. Craftsmen and artisans come from different parts of the country to participate in this grand fair. There is a complete plethora of stalls and pavilions that exhibit a vast array of products ranging from handloom products, bed linens and clothing, crockery, handmade jewelry to other beautiful decorative items for household. The fair usually extends till two weeks