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This upstream water way which stars from Patna and ends in Varanasi gives you a visit of confluence of another river Goghra. A visit of Sarnath gets delight you. A truly mesmerizing event in Varanasi called Ganga aarti will also give you an essence of Spirituality.

Upstream Itinerary - Patna to Varanasi

Duration: 07 Nights / 08 Days
Price starting from: US$ 1,470

Day 1
Arrive at Patna by road, rail or air; transfer from airport or railway station to ship is included in the cruise cost. Embark on your cruise ship from afternoon onwards, and enjoy dinner on board while sailing upstream.

Day 2
This morning, cruise upstream during breakfast before landing to visit a spectacular small Moghul tomb at Maner. Reboard and continue past the confluence with the River Sone to the busy river port of Doriganj. Cruise on to an overnight stop near the confluence with the River Goghra.

Day 3
Continue up past Ballia to Buxar, famous for the battle fought here in 1764 which, together with Plassey, laid the foundations of the British Raj. Visit the memorial on the battlefield and the old East India Company cemetery in town. Later, take a short cycle rickshaw ride up to the ghats of Buxar.

Day 4
Sail upstream today past Chausa to Ghazipur, still a centre for (official) opium production. Visit the imposing tomb of Lord Cornwallis, the General responsible for the British defeat at Yorktown. We might also be able to spend a little time walking through the busy Ghazipur bazaar, a quintessential Indian experience.

Day 5
This morning, sail to Varanasi (also known as Benaras). The so-called City of Light is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities of the world, dating back to 3000 years ago. Mark Twain once said "Benaras is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend, and looks twice as old as all of them put together". An accurate description, Varanasi is arresting to your every sense yet beautifully spiritual for those willing to let go and just be. It's the most important religious site for Hindus and visited by people from all walks of life who come here in the hope of attaining moksha or salvation.

After lunch, visit the Buddhist site at Sarnath and the Deer Park where the Buddha preached his first sermon, as well as the nearby archaelogical museum.

Day 6
This morning, drive to Chunar to visit the great Mughal Fort, the old British cemetery and the Mughal tombs nearby. Carpet-weaving and Chunar pottery are other attractions here. On the way back, visit Ramnagar to see the Maharaja’s Palace and museum.

Day 7
Take rowing boats at dawn past the busy and colourful bathing ghats of Varanasi. After breakfast on board Rajmahal, disembark again to take a walk through the busy alleys of Varanasi to experience the beating heart of the city. In the evening, take rowing boats to join the evening Ganga Aarti ceremony, where young priests perform their daily rituals with brass lamps and spiritual mantras in front of large crowds from all over India and the world. A truly mesmerising event, this aarti is the essence of Varanasi. Return to the ship moored at Rajghat.

Day 8
After breakfast, disembark and transfer to airport or railway station.

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